Vee Kay the Clown
"Hug & Giggle Therapist"
"Trilingual Mime"

Vee Kay is part of the "Clown Patrol."
The 2008 Clown Patrol

Vee Kay and his friends are the official greeters of the Orange County Fair Main Entrance.

Vee Kay the Clown has been performing at the Orange County Fair, in Costa Mesa, California, since 1985.
cupid clown Vee Kay the Clown is a silent clown, yet, he communicates well through pantomime and sign language. He is a fun clown to watch. Children are drawn to his kind and gentle demeanor.
Vee Kay is one of the most photographed clown at the fair. Every year, Vee Kay volunteers his time to visit hospitals, homes for the elderly, schools, and wherever a smile is needed.

OC Fair 2008
[OC Fair 2001 Winning Photo]
Vee Kay through the years at the "Orange County Fair"
[OC Fair 2008 Cheesy Clown]
[OC Fair 2005 Clown Huna]
[OC Fair 2000 Salsa Clown]
[OC Fair 1999 Cupid Clown]
[OC Fair 1998 Zoot Suit Clown]