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The Country Fair - An American Tradition

The Country Fair has been an American tradition for over one hundred years.
What a wonderful way to spend an inexpensive day with your family.
Lots of stuff to see. Sounds of laughter and music everywhere. And a reminder of what The United States of America is all about.

How do you put together a Country Fair? You begin with a fun theme, add clowns, ground entertainment, carnival rides, community involvement, and you have yourself a Country Fair.

One of America’s favorite Country Fair is “The Orange County Fair.”
It has been a favorite for more the one hundred and ten years.

The Orange County Fair traditionally runs for seventeen days, beginning in July. In 2003, The Orange County Fair ran for twenty-three days.

What makes The Orange County Fair so special is the “Clown Patrol,” these are special clowns that greet each guest at the main entrance. When you see the clowns, you know that you are in for a fun, happy day. At the end of the day, these clowns wish you a warm farewell. You leave with a happy heart, and when you think of the fair, you’ll think of the clowns, and you will remember what a great time you had at “The Orange County Fair.”


We invite you to support The Orange County Fair Clowns and Ground Entertainners. If you attended The Orange County Fair, this year or previous years, no doubt you were delighted by the clowns and all the ground entertainers.

Please send a letter, E-mail, fax, and/or a post card to The Orange County Fair and let them know how much you enjoyed seeing the clowns, and the ground entertainers.
Share your happy memories.
You may even send fan mail to your favorite clown or ground entertainer via The Orange County Fair.

Thanks for your support.

Clown Patrol 08

The Clown Patrol.

VeeKay, Pickles The Clown, Tadpole, Grandma Sugarbabe, , Sparkles, Ravioli.

Fair Concierge: (714) 708-1934
Fax: (714) 641-1783
Recorded Information: (714) 708-FAIR

88 Fair Drive
Costa Mesa, California 92626-6598