Here he is, the outside talker (barker),
from "Freakshow" movie and Cirque du Soleil - Circus of the Past"

The Outside Talker, commonly known as the Barker, was responsible for bringing the crowd (tip) in to see the performers (freaks).

His voice had to be strong and loud.

He was able to project his voice, without a microphone, to attract attention, and wet the appetite of curiosity in the audience.

A good talker was able to turn the whole tip (bring everyone in) and fill the house with paying customers.

L.A. Circus Congress of Freaks and Exotics
Talker & Kevin
With Kevin & Selene Luna
Talker Waits
With David & Selene Luna
With Priscilla, Olga, and Mitch
With Julien and Olga

  • Photographer= Wayne Schoenfeld.
  • The Wild Man of "Cirque Du Soleil - Circus of the Past."

  • The Wolf Man - "Freakshow."

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