• Meet Dieguito The 'Wild Boy.'
    The Wild Boy, also known as 'The Rubber Boy' of Argentina, was exibited in 1962 to 1972, around South America, Central America, and the United States.
    He begun his career in the Side Show as a singer, with a novelty song and dance act known as, 'Los Negritos Del Mate." He performed with four African-Argentine kids. Only Dieguito painted his face black, and became known as 'Dieguito El Negrito.'
    The Wild Boy

    A rare photo of the Wild Boy, circa 1966.

    When the act broke up, Dieguito remained in the show and became 'Dieguito The Rubber Boy.' In the United States he was introduced as a 'Real Wild Boy.'

    The Wild Boy and Girl
    Being escorted to the Circus Spec by a pretty girl, not affraid of him.

    Before being introduced, the Outside Talker prompted the audience by saying,
    "Ladies & Gentlemen, look at your children. Hug them, kiss them, love them, and give Thanks to God that you do not have a child like this!"

    The Wild Boy enters, either in a cage, or led in, growling and hissing.
    Women would actually cry. Children were scared. The Wild Boy would go into his 'contortionist - like' routine. His performance consisted in contorting his body, walking on all fours, growling, and chewing on a bone.

    He also double as a clown. During the circus performance, the Ringmaster would shout, "Please Stay seated, do not be alarmed. . . The Wild Boys has escaped!" At that point the clowns would come in running, being chased by Dieguito, and they would go into the "Cherry Berry" to the delight and laughter of the audience.
    Two clowns, dress in safari costume, Capture the Wild Boy, and carry him out, being followed by the clowns.

    Dieguito also performed, in other Side Shows as a fortune teller, an idiot savant, and a bilingual outside talker.

    The Wild Boy is a Wild Man today. He travels with The Wolf People as an assistant and interpreter,

    Like it or not, he continues to scare people. Well, may be not so much scare them, as annoy them.

    The Wild Man

    The Wild Man visits the Kilohana Luau in Kaua'i, Hawaii.

    At the Kilohana Luau

    Princess Elayne, Contortionist, Visits the Wild Boy
    The Wild Boy 2006
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